Monday, March 07, 2011

FOTD- Face of the day & Shellac review


My outfit was pretty boring today. Just like my day at work. Black cartigan & jeans bleh! Good news is last week I made the most money I have since I've been working at the salon. GO ME!!! So this week most likely will be on the slower side.


I was thinking of posting some pictures of my work I do in the salon. You would think I would remember to take before and after pictures but of course I always forget the befores and so people can't see how fucked up their hair was before and how fabulous I just made them...


On another note I would like to talk about Shellac Its an AMAZING product!!! My nails have never felt stronger and stayed longer then with Shellac. Its pretty much like nail polish but doesn't ever chip. You need a UV lamp to cure it and as of now can only get it done professionally. The manicurist at my salon does my nails. I am HOOKED! I used to wear it with a half moon manicure but this week I just did regular. It last for 2 weeks!!! I am constantly in water and using my hands all day long. OPI also makes one called Axxium that I've also used. It takes a bit longer then Shellac but has a far larger assortment of colors. Personally I only wear classic reds. (big fat surprise!) so thats why I have been using Shellac. I did see that OPI has a gold in the axxium so I might have to try it! Have you ever heard of shellac ? Have you tried it?? What did you think?


Eryn said...

That shade of red is awesome! Im going to have to check to see if the salon I go to does nails with the UV light- if it lasts 2 weeks, it sounds worth it!

Ashley said...

I have had Axiumm manicures quite a few times... I would recommend the gold it looks awesome on.

Desiree said...

Ugh, jealous! This is really beautiful. I'm also dying to get a Minx manicure and do a crazy pattern or metallic. I'm currently very poor, but perhaps later on down the line when I sell an article that bring in a decent chunk of change. You're fabulous and very funny, by the way.

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