Sunday, March 06, 2011

OOTD- #1 & ramblings of a girl having a quarter life crisis.

March 6th, 2011

Blouse- Forever 21+
Jeans- Torrid
Belt- Torrid
Shoes- Miz Mooz

Okay so apparently I've been missing out on this whole " Fatshionista" concept. Where "plus size" women take on the world and express themselves through fashion and being happy to be themselves no matter what size. Seriously am I the worst fat girl on earth? Never knew Forever 21 had a plus size section? Been into torrid 2 times my whole life. Didn't know ASOS even existed!!! (if you haven't been to the site check it out. They have some fabulous items for most sizes)

I guess its because I can still shop at a majority of the mainstream stores. Plus I was obsessed with having a retro flare on everything so I was SO PICKY about what I wore and pretty much was a combination of pencil skirts, jeans, cardigans, sheath dresses, black, black and BLACK!

Then I became obsessed with this idea that I was only going to make clothing from vintage patterns and or wear vintage clothes. That sort of is on the back burner for many reasons. The main one being I do hair. I use bleach & color everyday so the idea of ruining something that was expensive & has lasted 50 years with someone else only to be splattered with bleach by day 1 with me is depressing. That and I've been working like crazy so my sewing has taken the back burner, as well as cleaning, doing laundry, making crafts, sleeping, paying attention to my loving boyfriend, roller derby... you get it! BITCH is fucking BUSY!

Which has led me to my quarter life crisis. I turned 25. I feel like I've had the same " look" for years now. I wear red lipstick every day. I needed a change. I went one whole week without wearing it.(anyone who wears red lipstick knows my pain... its my security blanket) I was over my obsession with having this retro look on a day to day basis. Vintage will always be part of my life. I love it. Even when I don't try people still identify me with someone from 50 years ago.

my quarter life crisis is not about my appearance. Mostly about things happening in my life. I'm officially ready to get married. I am not freaked out about the idea. I no longer have this mentality that I am a child trying to be a grown up. I have a budding career and talk of buying a house has been in the air. Its a lot to take in. Now I just need my boyfriend to ask me to marry him! HAHAHAHAHA!

I guess everything is just coming together. I stumbled upon a "fatshion" blog just as I was looking for something a little different. I found out that online shopping is fun and ended up spending $800 in a week on some clothes from forever 21, ASOS, & torrid. I love all my clothes!!! WOO WOO WOO! I'll probably be posting more OOTD's and rambling about being plus size and being totally confident in myself. Little did I know its actually called something!!! Seriously I just crawled from under a rock....


alicia said...

you're so beautiful, so could wear a burlap sack and look like a bombshell... but you also look super cute in that outfit! ;D

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

welcome to the Fatshion world hunny! Its a great way to feel confident at any size. And also learn about new stores that are fat friendly and diversify the wardrobe. I hear alot of what you are saying and I understand. I have lots of vintage friends on line that feel like they are in a rut too and sometimes think it's a crutch to always be vintage. I like to combine vintage with goth or punk just to keep things interesting and feel like an individual. That's what is important, it's not the era perfect look that is the focus, its the expression of how you personally incorporate the CLASSY, SEXY look of vintage into your own style. hugs!

Anonymous said...

Brook! You look amazing! Such a fab outfit and I'm envious of your blonde! I think the retro look is brilliant but I also like to see people mix it up a bit. But jeez 25 you make me feel ancient!

Vivi.Deluxxxe said...

You are too cute & I love your hair!
I totally know what you mean by not wanting to wear your vintage/nice stuff at work. Whenever I wear my "nice" clothes or anything white... I always somehow end up with teeny color or bleach spots on my clothes!! (i work @ a salon as well)

I dunno if you've heard of this gal.. but if you don't already follow Teer ( you should check out her blog. She's a plus sized Aussie with an edgy/pinup style & is always posting online clothing recommendations for curvier ladies... even mentions US stores!

mode. said...

i think you look fantastic! and your dog is too cute to even talk about.
wear all the retro and black you want, mama. i sure do :)
<3 mode.

Love Of The Hunt said...

I worked at Torrid for 2 years and Hot Topic for 2 years before that. Torrid used to carry Stop Starring dresses and Dickies pencil skirts! Their style is more mainstream now but if you check weekly (seriously they get shipments of items not on their websites almost every week) sometimes you can grab up a cute vintage inspired piece here and there. Just don't dry any of their clothes...wash and hang to dry and everything will last longer.


Vanessa said...

I love your vintage pin-up look! So pretty. And this red belt is just absolutely killer. Adorable!

Pixie Gran said...

I found you thru knitting - darling girl, you are so incredibly beautiful - you were BORN to be a platinum blonde & the joy of living just radiates from you.

For me 'vintage' is pre-1950, but has a decent selection for size 16 on, in 30's - 70's designs. I think they lean more to 50's on, but at least they do have new made retro designs that women can actually wear!

Hang on to that Joy!