Sunday, September 07, 2008

A day in the life... Football, T.V., Food...

YAY football season started!!! YAY I am so excited I might jump off a freakin' bridge! to say the least football can kiss my white ass... but guess who loves it... my boyfriend... OF COURSE! but ....YAY Juan doesn't have a T.V. (he has one but doesn't want to go pick it up at his friends house.. thats a whole other story, don't get me started) which means... NO FOOTBALL unless we go to a sports bar and at least I can entertain myself by getting drunk and watching all of the drunk people at the bar and then make fun of them in my head... but that didn't happen. So I am cooking a wonderful dinner for him and all the sudden... my Lap top fires up... So I am thinking.. ok whatever he can go on my Laptop... about five minutes later I hear football commentators... ummm wait WHAT.... i thought there wasn't any T.V.s in this apartment... no... no, no, no... Guess what... my Lap Top... YES I said MY Lap top is now a wireless T.V. that plays the football games LIVE... Did I just die and go to hell??? I mean seriously... my laptop is a WIRELESS FOOTBALL GAME that can go anywhere in his apartment... Juan is THRILLED to say the least... I am cooking so I am okay with it ,because I mean... he missed the Cowboys game (oh boo freakin' hoo) so whatever plus I was busy.... then I don't hear the game any more... thank god! he turned that shit off... wait... where did Juan go??? All of the sudden I hear hooting and hollering in his bedroom... ummm no not his bedroom... in the fucking bathroom... I knock
Juan: " Yeah I dont want to miss the game"
me: " are you fucking kidding me? you are going to get poop particles on my key board!!"

This is coming from him OF ALL PEOPLE... who gets sooo mad if I leave toothpaste in the sink... and here he is... on the shitter with MY laptop...

So I have come to conclusions... I am in hell... and my boyfriend is out to ruin my life...

I few things I am going to add to my blog: a tutorial of my hair, and also I've decided I am going to start posting my favorite recipes I make and share pictures and the recipe! I will then have a link on the side with all of them listed... what do you think of that?? I think it sounds wonderful! because some of the things I make are super super easy and also SSOOO good!


Katie Kutthroat said...

it was something that posted itself and i deleted it. also i hate football as well. i am lucky my boyfriend doesn't give a shit about it or i would be in hell too

frenzykat said...

we both started a fantasy football teams this year. w
i have to say tho,we're not obsessive about it..yet..
i do like to watch them boys run around in tight pants.

KimsCozyKitchen said...

Oh I hate sports in general!!

Can't wait for the hair post!!

Recipes are always a plus in my book. ;) That's one of the things I wanted to start a blog for, but I haven't posted any yet!

Speaking of recipes, I found the candy corn recipe. It's so simple I can't believe I didn't remember the other two items to add!!

It was posted Sept 5 on Kitchen Mysteries blog. & there is a link on my page.

My Mom and my hubby's Gram love the hell out of candy corn. So I want to make a batch and sent it to each of them. :)