Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Honey-DO list... crafts I must learn, Do, and MAKE!

Okay so I guess I have been lagging in my blogging world!! Well... I have. I feel a little overwhelmed! like mucho overwhelmed! I have a craft show coming up so I have been trying to get as much stuff done as I can. Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you just stop what you are doing to read? hahaha... I am such a procrastinator... and I hate feeling like I HAVE TO CRAFT... thats part of the drawback to doing shows... You feel pressured to craft. I love doing it on my own leisurely time! except for swaps... then I just wait till the last week so I can pump out a masterpiece (hopefully...). So as I am stitching away... I've been thinking... its time to mix this party up! I need a NEW HOBBY!!!! So far in my craft endeavors I know how to: knit, crochet, embroider, cross stitch, make jewelry, scrapbook, cook, and sew.... so far I am pretty "seasoned" in all of them but sewing... I can sew aprons etc... but making that straight line has always been a task... I don't know if it has something to do with my sewing machine that literally sounds like I am using a chain-saw to sew (yes people the bobbin is in correctly) ... or just the fact that... I am not the type of girl to follow the straight and narrow... but in sewing... its important to know how to sew a straight line... so what's a better way to learn then to quilt? my grandma wants to kill me, clearly... she hates quilting... but she is the only one I know who a) knows how to do it and b) owns a pfaff sewing machine that literally makes me want to take out a loan just to buy myself this heavenly piece of machinery... like literally... its amazing... I told her when she dies I don't want any of her jewelry I just want the machine... she laughed so hard... I love how she thinks I am funny but if my mom heard that she would slap me in the face for the first time! but my grandmas jewelry is F-UGLY... yes I said it... FUCKING UGLY!! No offense but its like... hippy shit. not even like beautiful 1930-1950s. its straight up BRIGHT and ugly! so to say the least the sewing machine has its weight in gold! but before she has one foot in the grave one foot on a banana peel (I mean that in the kindest of ways) ... she needs to teach me AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! With that said I have totally been inspired by craftster to quilt... Craftster pretty much inspires me to try as many cool crafts as I can... one girl in particular makes some pretty cool quilts here is an example of one

check her out Here.
I figure once I am really good at sewing straight lines... then I can move onto sewing clothes for myself.... I've tried this before and it turned out quite sad... but my heart is set on "that perfect black pencil skirt" and I'm set on one day being able to make it!

Another one of my crazy/ wonderfully fabulous ideas is... I need to learn how to CAN... yes can goods... AKA "putting up" this has also been influenced by my many hours on flickr... canning has been inspired by graygoosie She is totally fab and has the CUTEST style... she wears aprons as part of her everyday wear. She takes the most amazing photos and makes me jealous of all her vintage goodies! Totally check her out. I want her to be my neighbor so I can run over and bug her all the time! because I already bug her on flickr! she's a sport about it! but seriously look how wonderful
YUUUUUMM!!! the only problem with "canning" is I don't have an abundance of fruit or veggies at my disposal... so it might be a little costly seeing that I don't have an orchard in my backyard... we do have plum trees... but plums only seem to be good while fresh! but it is on my list of things for my grandma to teach me... did I say she hates canning? but she loves me so she is willing to pass it on to me... what a great g-ma!

The other two "crafts" I want to learn DO NOT include my poor grandma... I will let her rest for awhile...

Sooooo... the first time I saw "frosting glasses" or "etching" was on none other then the FFFAABBBUUULLLLOOOUUUSSSS ex-con.... you guessed it. MARTHA STEWART! Isn't she a gem? I just hate and love her all in one! but she makes these beautiful glasses
she also has a "how to" video here.
Now try and picture this with me... Cheap wine glasses from Ikea being etched with beautifully monogramed "B" or" J" or" M" in old script. Or I was thinking little bats on the wine glasses in the spirit of halloween ! On craftster I found some Tattoo style ones as well! doesn't it look so fun?

So last but not least... I want to learn to solder! Its always wanted to try it especially when I was in my "jewelry making phase" I love the glass slide soldered pendants! I think they are so beautiful plus unique because you can add almost anything flat in the middle... I found a girl on craftster who makes soldered pendants with stamps... She has a blog called The Conundrium if you want to check it out ...SO CUTE.. besides I love pen palling and one of my pen pals from Japan sent me the most beautiful cherry blossom stamp that I have been eyeing to make something with...
So with all that said... its time to begin.. I think I will start with canning, etching, and quilting first... since the first two are pretty much a 1 day affair... and quilting... I've had a WIP quilt under my bed for the past 5 years I started before I realized I didn't know what I was doing... a few other things I want to make are
Clothes pin dolls like these ones from Posie gets cozy

Pear Pincushion from HELLOmynameisHeather I already bought the pattern... and while doing that discovered she makes a strawberry pincushion that is to DIE FOR and way cuter then mine!

And who can resist one of The black apples little dolls?

AND last but not least... this scarf... I NEED IT AND WANT IT!! since my alter-ego is Little red riding hood.. I totally love big bad wolfs! here is the pattern (you have to be a member, its free and totally worth it) I really REALLY want this little cape but I doubt I will wear it frequently, if at all... So instead I am picturing this scarf in RED of course!! all snuggled up while I drag my WOLF around Disneyland or any other outdoor activity...
Isn't it sssooo cute?


Jigsaw Youth said...

i know what you mean by feeling like crafting can be a chore & not something fun..i hate that! and i still haven't gotten very good at crocheting, but honestly lately i haven't been trying, i've just been knitting.
good luck with your new crafty endeavors! that scarf is ADORABLE!

craft pig said...

I know what you mean by wanting to learn so many things!!! I currently trying to learn Japanese and about to go to a crochet many funs things to do/learn!

p.s. Someone tell your g-ma to stay away from bananas around you. haha

Katie Kutthroat said...

oh that quilt is beautiful! love it.. I know what you mean about wanting to start new things.. I really need to because I am getting bored with my routine stitchings. I wish we had a decent jewelry crafting supplier here!

Violette Crumble said...

Oh man, you need your grandma to let you borrow that machine! Why don't you buy a simple skirt pattern and have your grandma show you where you are going wrong? I have a feeling it's your machine. A good one makes a huge difference.

I love those tattoo etched glasses, & I also have been wanting to make some of the clothes pin dolls. I even bought the dolls at Hobby Lobby, but they're in the back of the drawer. I'm also actually making 3 of the Black Apple dolls right now for Harlan's pre-school fundraiser. It's a lot of fun. Go ahead and knit yourself the scarf in case you ever head north over the winter. You would look super cute in it.

mimilove forever said...

Howdydeedoo Brook!!
Bless your heart for taking the time to visit the blog and leaving such lovley comments! x (my Flickr account keeps going weird on me!)

And don't you go worrying abut straight lines madam...don't think I've managed one yet...find the whole machine stitching very stressy...much swearing and big straggly lumps of threads jamming up me needles! X;0)