Sunday, September 14, 2008



So Juan decided thursday night that he wanted to go to Vegas... wwwhhhhhhuuuuttt? so random! so at 3 am it was official we had a room and were going to vegas the next morning... I am normally not partial to last minute plans but you know what... LETS GO!!! it's not like we had anything better to do!! besides that, I've never gambled in Vegas. I've been there plenty of times before I was of age but now... I WAS READY!
Juan was such a great BF he paid for everything... what a gem! So as I was driving I was telling him about how wonderful this roller coaster is at the state line. Back in 1996 it was the tallest roller coaster in the WORLD! (No I am not that much of a nerd... It said it on a sign as we were getting on)

SO of course we had to go on it.... it is scary as shit but SSSSSOOOO fun! I was screaming so loud that my throat hurt for 2 hours after. Pretty much you just feel like your are going to die the whole time! Well I was so dumb I forgot to take a picture of us there... oh well.
So finally we get to Vegas. It only took us 4 hours driving! Well come to find out, our old friends (Juans old roommates) were in Vegas as well. So we decided we will meet up with them at Club Tao.

I've never even been to a club, so what better then to start off with one of the best in Las Vegas... It wasn't that great... and I was REALLY DRUNK. (I was drunk off one drink... but drank 4 hahaha ) I guess for one I am not much of a club goer... I mean I love to dance and pretty much can shake my money maker... but the music is so loud and its SSOOOO crowded... I don't really like people touching me... so yeah... I guess I love dive bars... and I love live music... and Rock-a-billy music... so it wasn't really my thang' but hey it was really cool going there and there was naked girls in tubs and girls in cages shaking their ass... so to say the least it was an experience...

do you know where you say "old friends" and they should stay old friends? Like the same old shit is going on with them... D-R-A-M-A.... and then you think to yourself... why the fuck did I meet up with them? They are still up to the same shit... and you are greatfull that you moved on from it all and sort of don't feel bad at all that they are still stuck in it... because they are SO STUPID and will never learn... I swear they live in this delusional bubble... they think they are smart but the part is both of them are so dumb they are not smart enough to figure out how FUCKING STUPID they really are... I really just had to get that out there... Like really... (trust me I could write about the Jerry Springer S that went on... but I'd rather keep this sort)

hahaha with that said... Juan and I ditched them after the club and walked around on the strip and then went and gambled... we stayed up till 7 am.... it was crazy! Luckily I stopped drinking around 3 so I was fine... but it is so weird having a hang over, yet haven't even gone to sleep yet... ugh... I was playing black jack and couldn't even count the cards I was so tired! I haven't drank or partied for MONTHS AND this ALL night thing made me feel like a grandma !!! But Juan and I had a great time! We woke up the next afternoon (yes afternoon....) and then went to the pool for a few hours and then hit the road... nice little vaca on Juan... thanks POP!

P.S. in case you were wondering... NO WE DIDN'T WIN ANY MONEY... We gave it all to Vegas...



Amanda Panda Pants said...

Brook you are crackin' me up!!! Having lived in Vegas for 15 years you brought back some memories for me. Sorry that the old friends were acting stupid but I ask you what a better city to act a fool in? Vegas is full of people like that hence why I left. You spent the perfect amount of time there. Vegas was built for the quickie trip the problem is that most people get stuck there, I am glad you made it out alive even if you did have to leave some money there. :)

frenzykat said...

hee hee.
vegas is fab, i was there 10 yr ago. boy, has is ever changed...
lord knows vegas needs more money.

Bluestreak said...

That´s the thing about partying, you have to do it a lot to be able to keep up with yourself when you do it...but then pretty soon you discover you might be an alcoholic, especially if you´re still doing it and you´re like 30 something.

Sounds like you had a good time. Hey, what I wouldn´t give to do a last minute trip to VEGAS. Shit, I´m jealous.

Jigsaw Youth said...

i would love to go to vegas, even though i hate gambling, haha! seriously, the one time i went to a casino, it was what i'd imagine hell to be like...all the bright lights & sounds, the depressing old people with their little cards stuck in slot machines, the people on the phone telling their spouses to tell the kids there just won't be a christmas this year...yep! a lot like hell! haha