Monday, September 01, 2008

WARNING GRAPHIC!! Roadkill, Dinseyland, & Saddam Hussein

WARNING: there is a photo on here of roadkill.... reader beware!

okay so today has been one of those... what the fuck days... so random... my boyfriend loves me... right? well I am not so sure these days... hahaha just kidding....

Here is a little background story:
we both own IPhones and so taking photos and sending them to each other is something we think is sooo funny. well... actually I love taking photos of him when he is indisposed and he HATES it... because i always do it when he doesn't know.... like getting in the shower etc etc... but the best part... I don't tell him and then I make it my "wallpaper" on my phone (giggles) and he is a nosey mother fucker so he clicks on my phone and sees his naked ass on my phone! YES SCORE FOR BROOK! literally this can send me into fits of laughter for literally 30 minutes... the best part is... even if you delete the photo it will still stay as the wallpaper unless you go back and change it manually.... aaahhh hahahaha by this time he is laughing too while cussing at the phone because he is staring at his butt! hahaha... okay so that is part of the story... the other part is. We both have Disneyland passes and Juan has decided he HATES Disneyland....( uummm does he realize that him hating Disneyland can make or break this relationship) I love Disneyland... LIKE LOVE... So today is his day off. He works at The Montage and he works in security mostly grave shifts.... so last night while he was working this is what happened through text:

me: What r u doing now?

J: At the villas

me: SCARY! Don't you ever get spooked?

j: No, there isn't anything down here that could hurt me

me: GHOSTS!!!

J: No way

ME: yeah all the people who used to live in the trailers right there before the montage flattened them to build that swanky hotel... THEY ARE BACK TO GET REVENGE!!!

ME again: Let's go to Disneyland tomorrow night!

j: hhmmm I don't think so.... TO BOTH

me: You don't love me then

j: I sent you an email

************* Checking Email*********** this is what it says....

From: Juan
Topic: I'd Rather....

Be like this then go to Disneyland.... Roadkill right in front of the montage

me: No you don't! You said the baby racoons dying was so sad but then send me a pic of one with its guts out!

J: I am just trying to tell you how much I don't want to go to Dinseyland

me: okay well I am going to bed I love you!

J: Ok, goodnight love you

me: love you more... rest up for the D-Land...

J: hahah ok


Is that normal??? that I am sooo pushy he has to send me photos of dead animals to get his point across? hahaha I actually thought it was really gross but really funny that he would do that...

another random thing... so I am lurking around craftster and find this...

The topic is "Saddam Housewarming" WHAT THE FUCK? who wants this worthless mother fucker staring at you while you are in your house!?!?!? apparently her friend did... this is what the description said:

It took over 2 months, but I finally finished my embroidery portrait of Saddam (made for a friend as a housewarming gift--she picked the subject!). I absolutely love it, and I really feel sad that I have to give it away now! I kept working and working away, finding new things to add, putting off the inevitable.

LORD HELP US!!! but other then that... I think she did an AMAZING job and I can see the irony in it... but I think I would have a noose around his neck... you know... just for the added drama... I would actually have it hanging in my house if there was a noose around his neck ....the replies are already pouring in... I can't wait to see what all the super uptight craftster members are going to do... I love me some drama!

EDIT: Just for the record... I wrote this BEFORE she posted why she made this... now I am really sort of turning into one of those uptight craftster bitches... HER FRIEND LIKES SADDAM HUSSEIN ??? seriously? People loved Hitler... but it doesn't change the fact that he MURDERED millions of Jews... My boyfriend went to Iraq twice and he said everyone he talked to hated Saddam Hussein and many of them told them of how Saddams "military" came into their houses and murdered their family... This actually really is APPALLING !!! can we say Genocide? and you like the man... aye yi yi .... we are so far from where this world needs to be...


Jigsaw Youth said...

hahaha! you crack me up! yes, i think you are normal! and the saddam thing...she did do very nice stitching & the subject IS very strange, but whatevs. and no offense, i've never been to disneyLAND but i hear it's not too great? i don't know. i've only been to disneyworld (which i fucking LOVED! i went for our honeymoon!)

Brook said...

No Disneyland is wonderful! its the "original" Disneyland and there is a lot of history and not only that I have many memories there. I live in orange county so people who were born and raised here appreciate good old Disneyland. Plus I just like to people watch and see how weird people are.... especially the people who are tourist...

Kristi said...

I've never been to Disneyland..YET...but when I do go, I plan to have my picture taken with Donald Duck. I could do without Mickey, but Donald rocks my socks.

Your posts always make me laugh. ♥

ghost of keywork said...

Ok. Why is everyone hating on the raccoon? First, I see that Formerly Fun will no longer feed raccoons, then this. Shame. Shame.

My Little Corner said...

Interesting convo re:disneyland - as long as you too are happy, that's all that matters.
I'm just glad that the roadkill photo is too dark to really see anything!
And I agree with you re: Saddam embroidery. I showed it to my husband who suggested that the receipient was of different heritage and he's right. I acknowledge that the stitching is fabulous, I too didn't like the subject choice. To each is own, right?
(BTW - I'm in your T4 group-DancingBoots)

sewitsforyou said...

The Saddam embroidery makes me ill. I guess if you want to do that then fine do it but don't post it in a public forum with lods of people that have wives/husbands/brothers/sisters etc. fighting for freedom. I guess that is what makes this country what is is though by letting people express what they believe in just kinda ticks me off

Brook said...

you know at first I was like WHOA but then thought for sure this is all in good fun. Then she wrote that her friend likes him blah blah blah and then I became so offended because. Then they started bashing America and that is a NO NO especially when you r singing saddams praises! I mean if someone stitched something like this with hitlers face and then tried to explain why she likes Hitler it's a slap in the face to the millions who have suffered or were murdered... So good deeds aside they were horrible people!

KimsCozyKitchen said...

ummmmm, I think the picture of my racoon is so much better!!!! Mine is a cutie and and that one is just sad and the only way I ever see them around here until our little visitor came that morning.


Yea, I was thinking WTF is that when I saw that embroidery!! I knew that was going to be a thread that the might end up locked so I just said what I thought about the color and stitching, which is amazing!! Didn't want a slap on the hand from my home away from home. lol
I would not have it hanging in my house though.