Saturday, September 06, 2008

What I got in the Apron Swap

Ok people.... I got my package from Amyracinrose and I was DELIGHTED!!! she made me not one but TWO aprons because she said the one she originally made for me she was not happy about... well I tried it on and the sewing WAS WONDERFUL but it was really really big... but i am totally pleased with it anyways because 1) the fabric is cute 2) Monday I am taking it to my grandmas and making her fix it ( I can fix it myself... but lets leave this one to the G-ma) 3) she used the EXACT pattern that I wanted 4) its like wearing a dress that i can wipe my hands on... or boogers... or whatever else comes my way 4) its reversible!!! Plus I am totally excited because it covers A LOT so it will be perfect for cooking, crafting, painting, etc etc... anyways Here it is I pinned it how I wanted it to look
apron swap

and here is the back... its a smock apron... I love it
apron swap

SO yeah pretty much every night when I come home i put it on... my mom laughs because it still is so big but I don't care... because I love it and I put all my crafting stuff in the pockets and my phone... and this super awesome book on tape little machine... (i'll have to post about that later) and its just wonderful! She also made me other wonderful things!

How cute is the little birdie! plus the pot holder is sooo cute! love the bias tape
embroidered pot holder
Then she made me these vintage spool ornaments! I was so spoiled!!!
vintage spool, ornament

So when I posted these pictures on craftster a few gals asked me to do a tutorial on my blog about the way I curl my hair... I was shocked hahah this day it was sssooo curly. I actually hated it especially since the brown still is in the bottom... so maybe a hair tutorial will be in the works... It actually is really easy and 100% UNGLAMOROUS pretty much I look like a grandma at night... well... yeah... at the moment I am trying to find another way to do it. I am trying to figure out how to pin curl it where it is to my liking... because pin curls are wwwaayyy easier to sleep on.... maybe I'll try it tonight at Juans apartment.... hehehe... he says " BROOK ITS NOT 1950'S ITS 2008" well bitch... TOO BAD! IM SLEEPING WITH CURLERS AND A HAIRNET!


Katie Kutthroat said...

i love love love the pot holder.. seriously.. i am jealous!

SewAmy said...

the apron and pot holder are adorable. And I love your hair too. I would like to see a tutorial on it. xo

Jigsaw Youth said...

ok, so those ornaments & the pot holder? fucking awesome!
pin curls seem so tedious to me, but they always look so pretty! i wish i had the patience to wear my hair like..oh, & i'm totally about to go blond! eeee!
p.s. has anyone (i'm sure they have) told you you look like gwen stefani? because you really do & it's kinda creepy! haha

Anonymous said...

cute stuff!

Sherezada said...

You look adorable in your new apron! And the potholder rocks! You got some great goodies, lady! ;)

Post up that hair tutorial! I adore your hairstyle, and I'd love to see how the magic happens...;)

Claudia said...

great stuff! ok, i need to do a swap...

i too would love to see a tutorial about your hair, although, i don't think i would be able to do all the work :D

frenzykat said...

can i just say how beautiful you are...and that i'm totally jealous of all your cool stuff...

Patty said...

I will be back later to catch up on your blog but I just wanted to say thank you for the tip about Flickr!!! You rule and I love you!!!!

Brook said...

katie: I know isn't it sooo cute!!!

sewamy: I will post a tutorial on how I do my hair... but it actually is really easy

Rachel: pin curls are a bitch... but I was a champ at them at beauty school. on myself... not so much... my hair actually takes less time then it does to blow dry it... and as far as being a blonde... I hope you don't have any black dye in your hair... or you will be copper for awhile... that or have major breakage... beauty is pain... People say I look like gwen stefani, marilyn monroe, etc... it really is a compliment but I really think its just the blonde hair brown eyes and red lipstick... make up is my friend... maybe I will do a tutorial: how to look like Brook... hair and make up...

rubyredruca: I am so lucky... I love it all!

sherezada: I know I totally scored! posting a hair tutorial in the next week... its so EASY!

Claudia: I am so glad that you like my blog! I have been admiring all your work on flickr for a LONG time! and yes, do a swap they are ssoo fun and so addicting! as far as my hair... its so easy it just looks like its a lot of work because its curls curls curls.

Frenzycat: thank you, so much!! you guys are all so sweet!

Patty: no prob ! sorry if it was sort of confusing , I was typing on my I phone... so editing is a pain!

Jigsaw Youth said...

well i've been growing the black out of my hair for about a year now & i'm getting the rest cut out before i go blond..i've tried to go blond while my hair is still black...not pretty! at all! my roots were white & the rest