Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Okay so my last post was so random I know... Those Japanese Pillows about killed me... I thought I would never see anything like it again.... oh boy, oh boy!!! So sweet little innocent me was strolling through The Goodwill looking for 100% wool sweaters so I could make myself the cutest darn plushies that are on the cover of Martha Stewarts New Holiday magazine:

I mean come on... a flippin lamb with a scarf!! I NEED IT! I WANT IT! I GOTTA GET IT! There is also a pig plushie... Hes my fav...

So I only go to the Goodwill on Mondays while I am baby sitting my cousin. He has Tae Kwon Do for 45 minutes and I'd rather eat a cup of shit then watch 4-11 year old kids doing reenactments of the Karate I drop him off and jet over there... Normally I am HIGHLY disappointed because it never has any vintage items and if it does have something I want it's always so over priced its stupid... Goodwill gets all their shit DONATED... and now they are trying to make a huge profit... WTF... but NO this Monday was the day for a few goodies! First I found this fabulous vintage bowl that I am in love with (I'll post it later). Then I found a vintage sweater that's angora and wool blend in my favorite red/pink hue... perfect for Miss. Piggy I plan on making... I sort of am questioning if I should cut it up or not... I'll have to ask for a second opinion from "Mother Love".

Then as I am leisurely walking down the isle... I spy this diamond in the ruff... Did the Goodwill god read my blog or what?

SERIOUSLY!!! It's not just the Japanese that are crazy... Its " MY GUY"
"When your guy wont cuddle My Guy will"

Is it just me or does that moon look like he wants to touch you in naughty places?? What a pervert!

It was only $4.99 brand new, but I didn't buy it... Now I think I regret it... "Mother Love" would really get a kick out of this... I am sure her two little rat dogs would love to pee on the chest of a pillow with a six pack and nipples... It might actually be cool to embroider "tattoos" on it... hhhmmm.... Maybe I need to go back on Monday ! If "My Guy" is still there it's DESTINY!!!


Rachel said...

oh my god, why the hell did you not buy it hahaha?!

micheleleigh said...

you should so go back and get it! haha. i like the tattoo idea. :)

craft pig said...

Get in your car right now and go get it!

AppalachianGhost said...

For some reason I think the tatoos would make the pillow significantly less creepy?

I would love to see your Miss Piggy when she is done!

Ashley Bilodeau said...


You are fucking halarious!!!!!!!!!!!!


and embroidered tatoo's!
I would sell that on Esty for like a gazillion dollars if I were you!

Brook said...

FUCK! I knew I should have bought it... but its creepy mc-creepo!

kittykill said...

You need that! WTF are people thinking-seriously!

Mia said...

That is hilarious! You so should've bought it!