Friday, October 10, 2008


Okay so first off... I am 48 minutes late on posting the winner for my blog giveaway.... but thats okay because I make the rules around here! So I used this silly random name picker and the winner is


YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! I recently came across her blog when she entered in the Craftster Challenge and I was blown away by her cross stitch... I adored the frame as well.... and since then I have been a dedicated reader!! She seems super fun! and who would have known... SHE MAKES MOVIES!!! If thats not cool I don't know what is!! totally check out her blog. It's filled with fun embroidery!


This is totally off subject but I thought I would add it to this post... other things I am 100% loving right now... is this book, Hello Cupcake

Most cookbooks or craft books I only like half of the stuff... this book... I LOVE EVERYTHING... Every cupcake is SO CUTE!! the pictures are to die for! They are just fun and make me all fuzzy inside!! Who knew a pringle, gumdrop, and pretzel could made the cutest cowboy hat ever!!! I suggest this book if you are looking for cute quirky cupcakes that will blow everyone away!! The ideas in this book are amazing!


Today was horrible and wonderful at the same time. Ol Shwan and I had a DENTISTA appointment! I hate the flippin' dentist! Good news... NO CAVITIES!!! So we got are tartar removed and went to the Gypsy Den, santa Ana swollen gums and all!!! MMMMM.... I don't even know how to explain the Gypsy Den.... its just one of the coolest yummiest cafes I know... The atmosphere is laid back and easy going... the lights are so dim you can hardly read the menus, none of the chairs or tables match, there are persian looking carpets on the floor and random artwork filling the walls from ceiling to floor... like clutter chic! but who cares about what it looks like.... the food is sssooooo YUMMY!!! The salad is my fav... homemade cruotons !!! DELISH!! It was open mic night so we stayed for a few hours listening to Johnny Cash wannabes... it was fun to say the least!!!

I have a few new ideas that I am working on and hope to show you soon! Other then that... I also have a few new ideas for my blog.... Should be great!!!


Jigsaw Youth said...

ooh the gypsy den sounds pretty cool! sherezada's awesome, i'm glad she won the giveaway!

Sweetlysedated said...

That book looks super fun!
And that cafe sounds nice, I miss chill cafe/coffee shops, I have yet to find a good one round here.

Sherezada said...

Aw shucks! You're making me blush, pimpin' my blog like that! ;)

Yay!! I'm so excited I won!!! You can email me at szkent7 [at] I don't have your email addy either, so I hope it's okay to put it here!

craft pig said...

Gypsy Den and Hello Cupcake = 2 of my favorite things!!!

Gypsy Den was one of my suggestions for the craft meetup...i don't think the lighting is good enough though.:(
You should eat at Memphis across the way too...sooo yummy!

Katie Kutthroat said...

hi sweetheart.. your store is doing pretty well and i am so happy for you.. i can't wait to see what you come up with next! and yay for sherezada!

Stephanie N said...

Alright, I love you!
I was JUST looking at that cupcake book less than a week ago and mooning over it BIG TIME!!! I'm asking for it for christmas :P

kittykill said...

So great! Love sherezada and love the give away!

Anonymous said...

omg those corn on the cob cupcakes are amazing and hysterical! thanks for visiting my blog :) and for your kind words! you're blog is a lot of fun!

now i'm off to visit your etsy shop!!!