Monday, October 13, 2008

Things that made me laugh today....

First off... My boyfriend and I have I phones (lucky us) so pretty much my boyfriend watches youTube videos all the time since he doesn't want to get his T.V. from his friends house... I know... I know... ANYWAYS... today we watched some "re-runs" . oldies but goodies that always make me laugh....

This one is my favorite

This one is pretty funny too

So after watching Dane Cook videos Juan and I were just snuggling and joking around laughing at the videos and then this happened

Me: "Say something in spanish" (I wasn't trying to get any action I just wanted him to say something)

him: "NO!"


him: " NO!"


him in his spanish accent: " ! NOOOO !"

Then I started cracking up!!! what a brat!!!! He's such a PAIN!!!

but on that note look at what he emailed me today. His sister and Dad just went to Ecuador and she copied this photo of him when he was little!!! I've never seen a young picture of him, the only picture I've seen is his passport but he was at least 12 or 13. hahahahaha He was a PIMP!!! He looks like he should be making Cement Shoes for the Ecuadorian mob!!

He is the top left!! hahahaha... Hes sssooo cute and serious! Look at the kid next to him... rockin' the gold chain!!! Juan apparently doesn't know who the other "ninos" are... except for his sis below him wearing a polygomist dress... SERIOUSLY ? what is that thing... a mess of ruffles and a mini vest!! but thats about right... 80's+ young kids= ugly ass dresses... I had my fair share...


Jigsaw Youth said...

man, i miss dane cook being funny & not a stupid sell out that does fucking romantic comedies...BOOO DANE COOK!! haha & yeah, that girl's dress is hideous to the extreme.

Katie Kutthroat said...

oh man.. my ex use to talk dirty to me in spanish.. it would make me giggle so much. and then i would ask him what he said and it would be the dirty shit.. haha