Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Pony & Family Matter Soul Mates...

Okay a few random things to talk about today... I went to Costco with Juan because he was looking for a T.V. and I went down the toy aisle... What the hell... When did toys get so cool??? I have to say though they had a new version of the Teddy Rubskin... Brought me way back... That was my favorite toy... Mostly because I would shove my fingers in its mouth and it had a pretty good bite... But as we were strolling along... I came upon a PONY... With a saddle!!!!! Me being the mature adult... had to try it out... you know, for safety!! There was a girl about 12 right next to me as I pretended I was riding it and insisted on Juan taking my photo... I think she was scared of me... but that's okay... I am 22 and I can act like a freak if I want... I'm over the " I'm too cool"!!! Besides it reminded me of these old Vintage pictures they used to take... you know where the guy would bring a pony and cowboy clothes and the little kids would get their picture?

Like this....

Isn't that so cute? Well my picture is not so cute but thats besides the point....

SO of course Juan was working at a snail pace taking my picture and I actually started to get nervous... but let me tell you... this was a quality toy.... I sat on it and it was sturdy! SO here I am... drinkin' a .59 cent soft drink ridin' the pony!

Yeah so that made my day... The pony I could sit on... even though he looks like he is struggling... I assure you... he is not.. he's a STALLION!!! My kind of Pony!

Anywho... I've found my TGIF soul mate... If you are around my age (22) you will remember T.G.I.F. as a kid. I used to be so excited for Friday nights so I could watch all those shows.... Its been A LONG time since I have seen any of them or even talked about them... but they still stay dear to my heart... So last night I was harassing Amy Rose through text messages and then she seriously "completed" me....

October 29, 2008 1:23 AM ( 3:23AM Texas toast time)

Me: " Go to bed you FREAK!!! HAHAHA your neighbors probably think U R a tweaker" (yes I talk to people I've never met like this)

Amy: "LOL I'm actually going to bed now mommy dearest.... your finished deer is cute BTW"

Me: "Thank U thank u"

Me: Nighty Night Winslows!"

Amy: " GO AWAY STEVE!!!"

ME: "Seriously we just became soul mates.... I am blogging about this tomorrow"

HAHAHAHa... Family Matters was my favorite show... Steve Urkle was so annoying I loved him... and when he became Stefan.... mmmm mmmm.... Laura was all over that!

SO yeah... Other then that I really need to start taking some photos of my Christmas stuff to list on My Etsy!!! I've made some really fun things... I made moustache Ornaments... Since every tree needs a disguise !!! But yeah... My shop has been neglected! I think I just hate taking the photos... If I just had someone who knew what the hell they were doing with a camera I would be golden.. but unfortunately I am the best photographer in the house... I could ask Juan... but I am sure he'd rather eat paint chips then take pictures of my ornaments... He's a great boyfriend... but this may send him over the edge! hahaha So yeah... I will post the updates on my Etsy once I get them going... Wish me Luck... and give me some pointers if you have any!!


SwellStitches said...

Hahaha! Good evening my TGIF soulmate! I used to watch that show all the time.. especially the reruns that came on after school all the time.. memories!

Love your pic on the horse by the way! You are so random. That's one of the things I would do to be silly but the moment someone would come up I'd act like I was not doing what it is I was doing lol... so silly I know!

I can't wait to see some pics of all your Christmas ornaments! Hurry up. Stop stalling!

Brook said...

I KNOW I KNOW!!! I am taking pictures tomorrow!!

LazyTcrochet said...

It's fun that you met someone that you can chat with. I'm sorry to say that I couldn't watch that show LOL. My daughter knows who Steve is and it hasn't been on in years. Cool pony.

Katie Kutthroat said...

yea i use to watch tgif too! and i agree the pic of you on the pony is too adorable! can't wait to see all of these new projects you have been talking about :)

Ashley Bilodeau said...

Dude, did you see my horse??
if you go down my blog to about... 3 or four weeks ago.. i posted a pic of my work horse.. found him at value village for 8$!!!!!!!!!

oh and about the pictures.. take em outside.. its just easier...

thanks for voting!!!!

Rachel said...

hahaha! makes me happy that family matters is still being brought up! i watched all those kinds of shows, & i think i have full house tourettes, seriously it's like a twitch! several times a day, i have to say SHOO BEE DOO BOP BAH DOW!

cute pony pic too! haha makes me think of that ginuwine song. and mustache ornaments? YES!
ok, i'm delirous & fucked up on cold medicine, so i'm gonna go back to bed now.

craft pig said...

Steve Urkel: Your next embroidery project?

Think about it.