Saturday, November 29, 2008

Etsy and My Birthday Presents!!!

Today I spent my day taking pictures of all my stuff I plan on adding to etsy. I have about 20 onesies that I have yet to list and a bunch of other things I have been making.... Taking photos I feel is the worst part of the process... For some reason today I got super inspired and I even busted out a few props! Last night I bought a regular 18inch aluminum tree and gave it a hair cut!! Made it bare and vintagey looking! I love it.... So I decided it needed some camera time!

So I've been making headbands like a mad woman!! The more I make the more I love them! At first I was going to selfishly keep them for myself...( because I am a bitch like that) But I really got carried away and made more then I can deal with... So I was ever so gracious and listed them on My Etsy!!!

Red Felt Rosette Headband

White Felt Rosette Headband

Mint Green Rose Headband

Red Felt Rose Headband
(this ones my fav)

I want to have a special thanks to " DOLLY PARTON" My dollhead for modeling the headbands for me.... If you went or are in beauty school.... You will be all too familiar with these things....

Other then that... I have received so many wonderful birthday gifts and it isn't even my birthday till MONDAY!!! My cousin gave me some Ed Hardy flip flops. He is in 4th grade and he picked them out himself. He said " I know you love asain stuff so I knew you would love these!!" Seriously I love that kid! My last christmas he picked out this gold necklace with a flower pendant and he said " I picked it out because I know you love "old stuff"" (hahaha I gotta teach that kid & Juan the word VINTAGE)

I also got my Japanese craft book I've been SEARCHING FOR in the mail today and a Q-Snap!!! (Thanks ShhhWAN)

The cream of the crop present is my new BROTHER!!! NO NOT THAT SORT OF BROTHER!!! A Brother Sewing Machine!!! ugh... I don't know what I did without that thing!! It purrs like a kitty cat!!! It has an automatic threader, drop in bobbin ( heaven sent I hate doing the bobbin) and NEEDLEDOWN!! freaking awesome! Also a bunch of decorative stitches.... So no more sewing with the lawn mower.... I mean my old sewing machine.... Seriously I deserve a damn reward for sewing with that thing...

SO yeah... I am still waiting on my scalloped scissors... and other then that the rest is a surprise!


SwellStitches said...

I'm really falling inlove with the white rosette headband.. I think it has a cool vintage feel to it. Your pictures are beautiful. And what goodies you've gotten so far! I love your new sewing machine. It must sew like a dream!

~Amy Rose~

Rachel said...

gah i really love those headbands...i've been keeping an eye on all of em ;)
that mannequin head...hahah! they have NOT gotten any less creepy but at least yours has some fancy glitter shadow hahaha!

happy early birthday! those are some cute flops & i bought my first q snap a couple of weeks ago...LOVE IT! congrats on the badass new sewing machine too! you are now unstoppable!

Lily said...

Happy early birthday!! You got some great stuff! What size Q-Snap did you get?

iowa-girl-in-korea said...

I am loving the new headbands! Fantastic!

Looks like you got some great gifts too:) Lucky girl!

Mia said...

So beautiful Brook! I love the rosettes.

And I know what you mean about finding a good headband to fit a big melon- I have that problem too ;)

Oh, and happy early birthday! I love the goodies that you got!

Lily said...

HAPPY (actual) BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a great day!

Sweetlysedated said...

Ooo great headbands!!

Cuuute flip flops :)
And yay for your new machine, she's a beauty!

Sweetlysedated said...


Sherezada said...

Happy (belated) birthday!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!

The headbands look adorable, too. I"m looking forward to seeing what you whip up on your new sewing machine. ;)

kittykill said...

I really really need those headbands!

Happy early (or is it now) Birthday! You rock the free world! I've decided that I'm adopting you.

lilsprinkles said...

I LOVE the red single rose one!!! Will you be selling any of these at the Handmade Brigade Fair?
See you Sat!
Jae (big sis of lil sprinkles)

sewitsforyou said...

oh the headbands are beautiful. I love them all. That sewing maching rocks. I need to get one and then learn how to The glip flops are great that cousing muct be loaded ed hardy stuff is expensive. Happy early b-day.

Keala Legacy Creations said...

Oh wow.. your headbands are beautiful... I actually started working on some that have a tropical/hawaiian influence!

And I gotta tell you I LOVE your Ed Hardy Slippers... not even kidding. Wish my cousins were as rad as yours!