Thursday, November 27, 2008


I love and hate Martha Stewart... but like I said before... She's my favorite convict! Her HOLIDAY magazine is full of so many wonderful handmade gifts! With that being said....My walnut balls are finally FINISHED!!!! I am in LOVE with them!!! They look so festive!!! I made these two for my Aunt and Uncle and I can't wait to finish mine!!! They have been half finished for some time now... I get side tracked REALLY EASILY!!! There are so many crafts I want to do!!! Last night I bit the bullet and wanted to finish them so I could give them to my Aunt and Uncle at Thanksgiving! I am so glad that they liked them! They were actually really really fun to make! I opted not to use real foliage... I think it was a good choice because I had to glue those puppies on!!! I think I picked out a pretty "realistic" foliage. (Foliage is such a weird word)



So ... Yeah me and hot glue are best friends... In my last post I wrote about all my dreams of headbands... Well by GOLLY I made myself a whole menagerie of the damned things! And I think I might LOVE them as well... I really like the headbands that I purchased. They are skinny patent leather... SO CUTE!!! A major bonus is they don't give me a headache like most headbands do. Having a huge melon can be tough!!! I also used my wool blend felt which seriously is a dream to work with.... Why the hell didn't I discover this before? I've went 23 years of my life using cheap ass felt!!!

I went searching on the internet looking for felt flower patterns... Pretty much they all sucked or were not what I was looking for... So I made my own designs!!! I will be listing them on My ETSY once I get better pictures... I just took these super quick so I can show you guys how cute they are! I am not sure if I like the 3 rosette ones better or just the big rose one... What do you think?

My creation

ARGH!!! The picture tile maker cropped the pictures so half the headband is cut off.... SUCKIE!!! OH well you get the point! If you want a bigger picture just click the pic and it will enlarge it!


OH BEFORE I FORGET!!! I am in a holiday house boutique !!! So if you live near Orange please come!! Its going to be fun!! All the the people that are going have super cool stuff!!! This is the flier for it!!

So I don't have to patience to list all the sellers... but if you want to check out all their awesome stuff go to Designs by Steppie!!! She has wonderfully added links to all the sellers!!! (and she is selling there too!!)


Swell Stitches said...

Your walnut balls look awesome! You did an amazing job on them! And all of your headbands are fantastic! I love all of them but the mint green flower of course is my favorite lol. The mosaic of the pics turned out really cool, too. I hope you had a great turkey day!

~Amy Rose~

Patty said...

The mint green one is my favorite too but they're all great. And your balls are lovely. heh

Steppie said...


Good to hear from you again!

Tomorrow's the final prep day - so I'm excited, but always get a little nervous before these things! I realize this is your first time, just be ready for a day of fun. It's more about hanging out, welcoming people in, getting to know one another, and hopefully making a few sales along the way. I've found a great value in the amount of connections and networking you can get from these experiences. And I can't wait to meet you and see your designs in person!

Your headbands are FABULOUS! You should bring a batch to on Saturday to sell! They're fab!

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Steppie said...

P.S. I just noticed your mustache ornaments! Great creative minds think alike because I have some handpainted mustache tote bags I'm bringing to the show! People will have an awesome day on Saturday if they have a thing for funny moooo-staches! Yay!

Ashley Bilodeau said...

How are you so talented.
You Bastard..



its a realy really long story

AlwaysInspired said...

I absolutly love your flowers! I would so wear the big rose! Yea for great hair do dads!

Anonymous said...

Cute headbands! And those walnuts balls look so difficult!

-And I have that outfit the pin up is wearing in that add! I just noticed it and had to mention it!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I LOVE the headbands!

Tissuepaper said...

I love the headbands - I want to get one!!!!!!!!!

The Mommarazzi said...

Ok, you are adorable and I am very glad I found your store & blog through Etsy. I'll keep checking in, so keep on posting your talented creations xo

Liesl said...