Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not Quite Vintage

So there has been a little change in my shop... My shop name was " Knit with Love" since that is my blog name... but if you have noticed I don't have one thing of knitting in my shop OR blog... bad me... But I made this blog along time ago when I was a knittin' fool... SO with that being said I wanted to change my Etsy name before I started applying for some shows.... You know so I can be "professional" with a name that actually reflected my items for purchase! I went to Lazy Daisy Marie actually through twitter and she helped me out MAJOR! I was shocked with how wonderful my banner turned out! I love love love love love it!!! Check out her Shop and message her if you need a revamp! She is super sweet and delivers! SO check out my new banner!!! Tell me what you think! Isn't it so me?

I got so inspired by her wonderful banner I started taking pictures of all the things I had made but not yet listed. This one is by far my favorite:

My apricot dupioni silk headband... :::swoon::: I love it...

Apricot silk fancy rosette

I took pictures of it on my vintage train case...

Apricot silk fancy rosette

Apricot silk fancy rosette

Apricot silk fancy rosette

Want to check it out click Here!!!

Also I added this beauty... I normally HATE yellow... but marigold called out to me....

Rose Marigold headband  close

Rose Marigold headband

Rose Marigold headband  side

What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Missing In Action

So I sort of knew I would totally neglect my blog once Gus came along... But I never thought this much!!! The saddest part is... I've had the camera out more then ever and I still don't have pictures of the wonderful things I have been making... They have been waiting patiently to be listed on my Etsy. Poor Etsy... I am sorry! I have had quite a few sales despite my huge neglect to it as well... So that's good news!

With that being said I have been to a few meetings/craft groups which have been interesting! I went to one on Wednesday night to plan a huge indie craft scene in Orange County. I really hope that it all works out and more craft shows and people come out of the wood work! I would love to be as crafty as the L.A. scene! Orange County as beautiful as it is tends to be pretty dull! So lets all hope for the best! Those of you who do live in Orange County if you are interested in being part of this or volunteering for the Swap-A-Rama please do tell we need as many bodies as possible to make this happen! Once I get more info I will give more details! I think this summer should be an exciting one! I have a few craft shows I have applied for and I really hope they turn out wonderfully! The big one I am applying for is Renegade I am super nervous about it! I am going to be applying with Jackie from Voz Clothing and Art She is so funny! It should be super fun if we get in! Fingers Crossed!

My grandma came down from Michigan and that was fun! She wanted to pretty much sit in the sun everyday since its freezing balls in Michigan and wonderful in California!
Here she is trying to get away from the wave!
Grandma RUN!

This is at Dana Point Harbor
grandma at DP

I think this picture is so funny of my G-ma and Gus... hhahahahahah
gma and gus

So since I have nothing else to show you I will post some pics of Gus.... of course!

"NO Ceaser Milan I don't treat my dog like a baby at all!!
Hes my baby! cant you tell?

letting your children sleep with you makes them dependent on you... Who knew?
oh really?

Stay out of the sun....
baby sleeping

Always cover your mouth...

Take the time to smell the roses
smell the flowers

Not eat them
don't eat them!

Don't waste water
mmmmm water

I didn't!
mmmm water from the hose!

The End!

I have officially turned into crazy dog girl... And I love it! I now get when people say they just sit and stare at their babies... unfortunately mine is a 4 legged Boston terrier...

Hopefully next post will include my new headbands!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

English Gone Wrong part I

Here is the first of my "English Gone Wrong" post. My boyfriend was born is Ecuador and moved here when he was around 13... He speaks English with no accent but he still thinks in Spanish so he will say things backwards and funny stuff like that. He also gets American sayings wrong... and pretty much it makes my day... I guess its mean to laugh at him but I do it anyways... I can't help it... Its sssooooooooooooo funny! Well at least I think so!

I bite!

Here is a few from the other day:

Anyways today Gus was sun bathing outside then got curious and started picking the snails off the wall and tried to eat them. I pick him up and bring him inside

Me: " Ohhhh Juan your son is trying to eat snails......"
Juan: " Oh no now hes going to get warts!"
Me: " Why the fuck would a snail give him warts?
Juan: " If you touch them they give you warts."
Me" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO THEY DON'T that's frogs!!!! What you stepped on too many snails in your day so that's why you had that wart on the bottom of your foot?"
Juan (feeling like a dee da dee) " No.... But snails give you warts too..."

Then the other night we were walking Gus and Lola around the block with my mom (Him being bi-lingual has nothing to do with this idiotic conversation... This is just due to him being a man)

My Mom:" Juan, I brought Gus a plastic bag just in case"
Juan "For what?"
Me (cuts in while doing my infamous eye roll) " To wrap around his head and suffocate him while you pick up his shit with your bare hands.....What else would you use it for?"
( My mom tried not to laugh at my naughty behavior but sometimes she can't help herself, Can you really blame her?)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pin Curls, Make Up, and about 1,000 pictures of me.... OH MY!

So a few nights ago I decided to pin curl my hair again just for fun. I used to sponge curl it EVERY NIGHT for almost 2 years. It really isn't the most comfortable thing to do but I loved the way it looked. Well a few months ago I decided to take my shot at pin curls since I mastered them in beauty school... Well they are not as easy to do when you do them on yourself as when you do them on crusty old ladies or discusting doll heads. Here is how it turned out:
So that was a good day... I really tried to make them nice a neat because I was actually doing something the next day.
Well this time I sort of " willy nillyed" it... So it didn't get as much of a curl as I would have liked, but it was do-able... Well it was enough where I didn't give a shit and left the house anyways. Pin curls give you tons of body.... and a lot of frizz... So it sort of makes your hair look even more fried then it already is.... Not really a look I am going for. Most of the time once you "set it" (a nice way of saying brush the hell out if it) You can make it look nice but I think I like sponge curlers way better or just a regular wet set with a bonnet drier. It makes a more glossy curl with the same affect. Now I mostly just curl it with a curling iron. I've really become the curling iron slinger! This is all depending on how lazy I am being that night...

Pin Curls
I do stand up pin curls on top and regular on the side. (Don't make me get all beauty school technical on you and tell you all about on base, off base, half off base etc.... )
Pin Curls
Here they are the next morning all messy... (as you can tell.... they are not so neat and tidy like I normally do them)
Pin Curls
This is the ghetto do-rag I rap them all up in so they don't slip out at night. Please excuse my mug shot... Jayne Mansfield
says it best in The Girl Cant Help It
"Pretty is just how good you apply your base"
I live my that quote... Make up is my best friend!
Lets add this old picture of me with another do rag on with at least some make up on (No mascara) Just so I don't totally shame myself by posting the most hideous photo EVER! Though this one is not much better...(This was when I had brown hair)

Okay moving on...
:::The Results:::

Pin Curls
I was playing around with my IPhoto effects if you cant tell! I love a good black and white photo. As you can see it didn't turn out as curly as the time before but it still gave a vintage feel. I brushed it all under and it was not my favorite but oh well...
Pin Curls

::: Details:::

Here is true color... No editing! Pretty much me being an ass
Pin Curls
I know a few of you have asked what sort of make up I use etc so I will give my beauty secrets (ha ha) away... In high school I had cystic acne (so gross) and so I have quite a few scars because of it. I used accutane and it cleared it right up (I honestly will stand by this drug for life... it changed my life as well as 1,000 of other zit faced teenagers I am sure) So first if I remember I moisturize with DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew™ If I don't use that I just use your basic Cetaphil lotion. (Which was recommended by my dermo). Then I add concealer, M.A.C. Select cover up NC 20. I will wear Studio Fix N4 If I am in a hurry but if I am trying to spice myself up I will bust out Precriptives "Virtual skin" in Real Vellum
As blush I use M.A.C. Prism

::: Eyes:::

Pin Curls
I like the look of 1940's 1950's make up... pretty basic eye... Normally I wear more make up then I was in this photo but more or less its the same shit... Just if I wear more or less of it.

I'm just going to list my two favorites

M.A.C. #252

M.A.C. #224

Primer: M.A.C. paints in bare canvas

Eye shadow: (Almost all of my eye shadows are M.A.C.)
Pictured: M.A.C. Dazzlelight
Pictured: M.A.C. Romp (crease)
Other M.A.C. shadow basics Brule, Vanilla, Naked lunch, Satin Taupe, Blanc Type, Rice Paper, Bronze, Antiqued,

Eyeliner(Of course I use liquid eyeliner)
My favorite eyeliner you actually buy at the drugstore... It looks like a fat pen. It works wonderfully. It has a felt tip... (maybe I'll edit and add the name once I remember)
Another favorite is M.A.C. Fluidline in Blacktrack (that one must be added with a brush M.A.C. #210) or M.A.C Liquid Eyeliner in Boot Black

Mascara is my life line... I love it and use a lot of it. I have tried all the expensive ones but my ultimate favorite are made by Max Factor and can be found at a lot of drugstores... I think walmart as well.

MAX FACTOR 2000 calories (This is what I used to use ALL THE TIME)

then they came out with this one

MAX FACTOR Volume Couture

Both make your eyelashes look super long and thick! I love love love them!!


Pin Curls
This one is super easy since I wear the same thing all the time.

Mahogany Lip Pencil


pin curls
Soooo that is pretty much it... Now that I am looking at this post I am wondering why I am posting it... oh well...

What's your must have beauty product???

I'm thinking of adding every once in awhile little " English GONE WRONG" post. Its the randomness of having a bi-lingual boyfriend who doesn't always get "english" sayings correct. (Pretty much I make fun of him and laugh my ass off... Hopefully you will too! )

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Baby Stuff!!!

So before I got my sweet babe, Gus. I was making baby things like it was going out of style.I said I was against doing anything Whinnie the Pooh I actually found some decent Whinnie the Pooh fabric at Walmart of all places.... So I made a fabric covered wet wipe case. I think I love it!

I am not the biggest fan of baby pastels, so I made some of my own style baby items. Since Juan will be back in the military when the baby is born I made a few camo things... Just for shits!

Another wet wipe case... Since you can't have too many!!! I want to keep it for Gus... Juan liked it too!! hahahaha....

I also followed a tutorial on how to make burp cloths here (It was pretty obvious but in case you want to check it out) I cheated and pretty much just did it my way... I used the left over Whinnie the Pooh and camo to make matching burp cloths and then bought some flannel with bubbles and fish since we live 2 blocks from the beach and they live 6 hours from the beach... You know just to rub it in.... Hahaha not really but I thought it was a cute gesture!

burp cloths

pooh burp cloth

swimming with the fishes

I think the camo is my favorite! Which one is your favorite? I am trying to think of some other things that would be cute to make. If you have any other ideas please send them my way. I just bought 2 yards of this fabric that I am itching to use on something! Other then that... lil' Gussy got a sweater.... Its his grandpa sweater!

here is modeling it... In case you were wondering No I didn't get all crazy and knit him a sweater in 2 days. I bought it at petsmart for $3.95 since it was 75% off....

He's a little handsome devil!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Lookie what I have!!!

So... If you have read my blog long enough you would know that I love things that are not your everyday "cute" I like things with character! Well my dream dog is either a French Bulldog or a Boston Terrier.... Oh boy oh BOY!!! Well Good ol Shwan (Juan my boyfriend) made my DREAMS come true!!!! He bought me the most precious pupper! He is sssssssooooo cute and I love him!! I seriously am turning into one of those crazy mothers who thinks their kids do NO wrong when in reality they are the first ones to be the biggest assholes known to man.... He is perfect! minus the fact that he farts, snores, and has peed on the floor 4 times.... I can deal with it... I'm dating Juan aren't I? Minus the peeing on the floor.... That would just be.... bizarre... Though I have seen an episode on Jerry Springer...

So let me introduce you to the new sheriff in town....

General Gustavo Aka "Gus"

Born November 15, 2008

Isn't he a handsome devil??? Those goldfish eyes sent me over the edge! I love him! The best part is hes really a great dog. He loves to play but loves loves loves to snuggle!! If you sit down he is curled up in your lap snoozin! He gives kisses and loves to stand right behind you so you almost step on him!
So to say the least I am crazy in love! I don't even want to know how crazy I am going to be when I have my own kids...
I pooped
So yeah.... I hope this blog doesn't turn into " I don't craft because I am a crazy Boston momma... I love my Boston so much I take pictures of its poo because even thats cute..." Come on. You know those people are out there!
I lick my boogers

I do have quite a few new post lined up. I was crafting before Jesus sent Gus in my life. hahahahaahahahahahahahahaha! Hes an Angel a freakin' angel! Okay so I hope you guys know I am half kidding... Sorta... Now I have another being to craft for!! Here comes dog sweaters, dog beds etc etc.... hhhaahahahahah What do you think of Gus?