Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hypnotizing Our Chicken

My brother saw this on a skate video or something so we decided to try it on our chickens.... hahahaha Thats me laughing in the background..... No chickens were hurt in the process.... They are just dumb hahahah

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Sad Farewell...

The time finally came for Juan to leave... I am hanging in there. Trying to keep myself busy and keep my mind off how much this next 7-13 months are going to suck... I have turned into a leaky faucet. Never know when something will set me off... I feel like I am a combination of a pregnant women PMS and a 14 year old girl.... Emotions running wild. I am pretty good at keeping my emotions at bay but its nights that always get me... When things are quiet and I have too much time to think about stuff... I miss him... I worry for him... and I love him. My heart literally hurts. Its a feeling I can't explain. Its a constant feeling of loss yet worry but still hopeful and proud. To be honest its a horrible combination... I hope you guys keep him in your thoughts as well as everyone else over there....

I love you Pop... See you soon....

(ugh this picture made me cry the second I saw it load....)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Speakeasy By Handmade Brigade Sun 5pm

Its here!! Our first show at a BAR!!! I am super excited!!! I hope anyone in Southern California will come!!! I will be there wearing my new leopard pill box hat I made also selling some new styles of my Hair pieces! I was in charge of putting the goodie bags together and I got a bunch of AWESOME Etstians to donate... I also got our favorite indie business who inspired me to get stitching!

Sublime Stitching!!! WWOOO WWOOO WWOOO!!! They are awesome !! They sponsored our show so the first 25 people will be getting a FREE pattern !!!!
Check out more info on our Free Goodie bags
Also check out our upcoming events... We are looking for Vendors for our Holiday Show

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Partying In Portland

I am not much of a partier.... Which you might not believe because a lot of my post are of me doing dumb things while drunk but that just seems to be the time I use my camera most... hahahaha..We drove in to Portland and SEARCHED for a hotel... Everything was BOOKED... We called at least 20 hotels... SO we stayed at Jupiter Hotel which was pretty cool. The Jupiter Hotel, Portland Really trendy and modern. You could draw on the doors with chalk which was fun for Juan... He thought the whole room was chalk friendly... No dummy, I mean kind sir... Only on the calkboard door DUH!
Here I am prepping for the night out...
Getting ready
I cheated on my pin curls and curled with a curling iron and then clipped them up... It gives a nice Retro-esque look without having to sleep with pin curls
Prep time


Here is my favorite thing I always wear. One of my fascinators

This was an exciting night!! I was going to meet Pam fromFasterKittyKill for the first time!!! I was so excited but a little nervous since we only know each other in blog land... What if she hates me?? Thinks I am weird? Doesn't want to talk to me?


She was just what I imagined Funny, super cute, and F-U-N.... FUUUUUNNN! Can't you tell we were a match made in heaven???I gave her one of my Red Roses and she looks so dang cute in it!! Look at her perfect little nose... ugh cute as a button!

Me and Pam aka KittyKill

She was so funny. She was telling us all about how she hates hippies because they dont shower and how all the people ride bikes in Portland and are super crazy about it and it pisses her off... HAHAHAHA She was soo hilarious!

Juan got a kick out of her... Which is SOOO RARE... He always thinks my friends are weird or annoying...
Juan and Pam

I didn't tell you the best part yet.... Pams OMP (husband) is in a Ramones cover band and we got to see him play... He was AWESOME!!! Watch here!!

We were all dancing and having a good time! They really rocked! They even had cool wigs to fit the part. It was an overall great time!!! I was so glad I met Pam!! She was a doll and I hope to see her again and again! I want to move to Portland now... especially after she showed me Bolt Fabric (how dare she... It was AMAZING!)
Juan Pam and some random guys I have no clue...
Once they were done playing dear Pam left and Juan and I kept drinking and taking a million photos...

This one makes me sad because Juan is leaving on Monday.... :(
I hardly remember this photo... All I do remember is we were talking about weeniers.... hahahaha
Saving the best for last... Me making fun of all the cougars dancing to a 5 foot white guy rapping and covering Snoop Dog... It was sssooo random but the older ladies LOVED IT! MEOW!
totally making fun of these people

What is your favorite thing to do in wonderful Portland???

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Hey Candy Cane Girl..." Adventures Of The Handmade Dress

Me and my dress I made
Soooo I have been taking my creativity and applying it to clothes... Dresses to be exact. I made one mint green one as my first try... It turned out cute but I used cheap poly blend fabric so its like wearing a tissue dress... Well I was at Ikea and I found some heavy cotton in red and white stripe and fell in love. I also bought blue and white. But the red and white was just calling out to me . It had to be a dress! So I was all excited and cut out the pieces and took it to my grandmas so we could sew it. We started the construction and I put up the front to me and was like " AAAHH DAMN IT!!! I look like I work at Rubys.... all I am missing is my queen size support hose and scrunchy white socks... " Of course my grandma thought that was super funny... I was like aahh screw it... lets keep making it. Then my uncle and cousin come over first thing my cousin says " Brookie you look like a Ruby girl" AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH damn honest kids! Then my uncle was like " Looks like you are going to volunteer at the Hospital as a candy striper..." SO I had to take it in stride coming from someone who told me I wore minnie mouse shoes all through my teen years. My grandma gave me the push I needed " Brook wear it in Seattle they don't have Rubys there" YES!! Not that I really cared at that point... I loved my dress but apparently I resembled a cheap waitress and a peppermint!

walking around

SO as you can tell... I rocked it!!! Love my dress!!! Everyone was staring at me and I felt like a freak show but I didn't care... I made that damn dress and I was going to wear it. I also think everyone was staring at me because I was literally the only one wearing make up. No one hardly wears make up in Washington or Oregon. let alone RED!!! GASP! And no one had crazy hair color... I guess I was a freak show... platinum hair and red lips.. Who knew... It was actually weird because when I came to Seattle when I was younger I remember crazy grungy punk kids.

Anyways right after this pic Pike Place Market
We were walking and all the vendors were calling out " fresh berries, free samples... blah blah blah" So I am walking along my merry way and then we are passing this pasta booth... with some guy trying to get people to try his chocolate pasta... Well I decided I wouldn't pay attention to him because he was fucking annoying...

Then he says this
"Hey Candy Cane Girl, want to try some Chocolate Pasta..."

Fucking candy cane girl??? SERIOUSLY!!! I wanted to say PISS OFF MOTHER F-ER and shove his stupid chocolate pasta up his skinny ass! Who the hell wants chocolate pasta anyways??? Geeze!

beep beep

Then Juan said " HAHAAHA BROOK he was talking to you Candy Cane Girl!" I was like " Yeah screw that idiot!" Juan thought it was hilarious.

The moral of this story is... I love my dress and no one can change my mind.... not even Noodle dick, oh I mean the pasta guy at Pike market. What do you think about my latest creation???

Sunday, September 13, 2009



So Juan and I went on an almost 2 week road trip from Seattle down back to Orange County. It was a lot of fun, a lot of driving, and a lot of getting lost... which includes a lot of complaining (from me) We flew to Seattle and then rented a coke can with wheelsand were on our way... our first stop was the tourist trap Pike Market!!!
Public Market
It was a great photo op !! beautiful colors and scene and thank god it didn't smell like rotting fish. It actually was quite nice... It wasn't what I expected. It was more of a farmers market... flowers, produce, fish, knick knacks, etc...
Fresh Produce
I loved the vintage feel it had. The signs were all hand painted and totally retro!
Pike Place Market


After that we went to Seattle Antiques Market

Seattle Antique Market!
It was an interesting place but way overpriced! So we just looked around
I like the model planes.
Model Airplanes
and the old radios
Old Radios

In the afternoon we went to Experience Music Project Museum
Experience Music Project Museum
The building was ssssoooo amazing! Whoever designed it is a genius. Its such a beautiful building. As far as the museum... BBBOOOORRRRIIINNGGGG.... I think it was more designed for kids. It was just like rock band. You could play different instruments and record your own album... AKA rock band... as far as artifacts and such it wasn't that great... but there was this cool structure/ sculpture guitar sculpture

We sat around and listened to some woodstock music in this room that looked like we were outside... looks like we are outside We were bored but the air conditioner was nice... Seattle was so damn hot...
Then we went to the sci-fi museum that was attached and that was a fucking freak show... It was like a treckies wet dream.. weird monster crap everywhere! I don't know if I've said this before but I fucking HATE sci-fi... but the sad part was it was better then the music experience. At the end they had this cool fuzzy wall...
fuzzy wall at the sci fi museum

Then we left... and this is how I felt....
jump for joy

Have you ever been to Seattle?? What did you do?