Monday, May 05, 2008

Broken I Pod

I love how I Pods are $300 and when they break after three years the apple guy tells you " It had a nice long life, it brought you lots of entertainment" Three years is a long time for an I pod??? I think they should last A LOT longer then that. Luckily it wasn't my I pod... which actually I almost wish it would have been because it was my boyfriends... he has thousands of songs he has collected over the years from random friends. It went with him to Iraq and Japan... and none of his songs were backed up on his computer... poor guy I really did feel bad for him. He had a huge variety of songs and he really enjoys music. Apples products are known for poor battery life but overall i think they don't have too many technical problems that why i feel like they really don't have a good customer service program.... I got the first generation photo I POD and had it replaced twice in a year! I think they had a few kinks in it.... but thats sort of lame... because i hardly ever used it. I have had some problems with my laptop but thats just with the battery.... no technical problems, no pop ups... nothing and I've had it for two years at least. I do love Apples... but i miss the right click dearly!

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