Saturday, May 24, 2008

Treasure Island, Laguna Beach

Today my mom, my boyfriend, Lola my dog, my cousin who came down to visit from Utah, and I all went to treasure Island... known to non locals as... the new place where Montage Hotel and Resort sits on... but I can't say too much about it because right now my b/f is working there... but anyways the beaches are full of these beautiful rocks. if you go there on off season you will see about at least 15 photographers and 15 future bride and grooms pretending that they really love each other as they soak there blue jeans in the water pretending this is normal... its actually really funny to watch because its so staged.... but that has nothing to do with today.... well last week it was 90-100 degrees and now its gloomy everyday and today it rained... while we were at the beach it rained the ocean was stormy but it was still fun. Since my cousin lives in the middle of nowhere any beach is good enough for him. It was fun though... Lola had a blast. She was so mad that my mom wouldn't let her climb on the rocks with us to look at the tide pools she finally just pulled her way over there... not giving a care in the world that the rocks are sharp... She thinks she is human... then when she was tired she dug herself a hole and laid in it!

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