Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yesterday my boyfriend and I went Sea-doing on the ocean... it was amazing and scary at the same time!!! I wish I had my camera, but that wasn't possible unless it wanted to get all wet. Right when we got out of the harbor we were putting around trying to get used to riding in the ocean and all the sudden I see a fin... I was like " Juan (boyfriend) I don't know about this I think I just saw a shark..." and hes like " No you didn't! where??" and I pointed to about 40 feet away... so we were looking and then about 10 feet away 2 FINS!!!! Right then I realized it was a pair of Dolphins !!! They were beautiful. Then I realized how we were just part of the food chain out in the Ocean... and we are not on the top... so I sort of freaked out.... but it was a blast... as long as I didnt look down straight in the water and see at least 20 feet of kelp before it dissapeared because it was even DEEPER but I couldnt see that far down. We saw a bunch of seals basking in the sun on a bouey. One playfully swam next to us doing little leaps out of the water, floating in its back enjoying the beautiful weather... It really was amazing. the weather and condition of the water couldnt have been better...

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