Saturday, May 03, 2008

Books On Tape

I love listening to books on tape! I tried to load them on my I tunes and it didn't work! I think the CD is a little bigger then standard size CD's so they never really loaded correctly. Plus I got them from the library and they were sort of scratched.... DANG IT !!! I wish I could add it so it would just be on my I phone and I could listen to it anytime i wanted... but instead I have my brothers 1995 CD player with a bunch of random stickers on it from clothing brands that don't even exist anymore... but whatever works! I recently listened to The Secret Life of BeesIt was such a good book!! The girl who was reading for it was so cute and had a perfect little southern accent. My pet peeve is annoying voices on books on tape that or totally fake accent. I also got the Undomesticated Goddess I think thats what its called and the lady had the most annoying fake english accent i just couldn't deal.... soooo.... yeah I love to read but I also love to craft.... So whats better then book on tape!

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