Saturday, November 29, 2008

Etsy and My Birthday Presents!!!

Today I spent my day taking pictures of all my stuff I plan on adding to etsy. I have about 20 onesies that I have yet to list and a bunch of other things I have been making.... Taking photos I feel is the worst part of the process... For some reason today I got super inspired and I even busted out a few props! Last night I bought a regular 18inch aluminum tree and gave it a hair cut!! Made it bare and vintagey looking! I love it.... So I decided it needed some camera time!

So I've been making headbands like a mad woman!! The more I make the more I love them! At first I was going to selfishly keep them for myself...( because I am a bitch like that) But I really got carried away and made more then I can deal with... So I was ever so gracious and listed them on My Etsy!!!

Red Felt Rosette Headband

White Felt Rosette Headband

Mint Green Rose Headband

Red Felt Rose Headband
(this ones my fav)

I want to have a special thanks to " DOLLY PARTON" My dollhead for modeling the headbands for me.... If you went or are in beauty school.... You will be all too familiar with these things....

Other then that... I have received so many wonderful birthday gifts and it isn't even my birthday till MONDAY!!! My cousin gave me some Ed Hardy flip flops. He is in 4th grade and he picked them out himself. He said " I know you love asain stuff so I knew you would love these!!" Seriously I love that kid! My last christmas he picked out this gold necklace with a flower pendant and he said " I picked it out because I know you love "old stuff"" (hahaha I gotta teach that kid & Juan the word VINTAGE)

I also got my Japanese craft book I've been SEARCHING FOR in the mail today and a Q-Snap!!! (Thanks ShhhWAN)

The cream of the crop present is my new BROTHER!!! NO NOT THAT SORT OF BROTHER!!! A Brother Sewing Machine!!! ugh... I don't know what I did without that thing!! It purrs like a kitty cat!!! It has an automatic threader, drop in bobbin ( heaven sent I hate doing the bobbin) and NEEDLEDOWN!! freaking awesome! Also a bunch of decorative stitches.... So no more sewing with the lawn mower.... I mean my old sewing machine.... Seriously I deserve a damn reward for sewing with that thing...

SO yeah... I am still waiting on my scalloped scissors... and other then that the rest is a surprise!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I love and hate Martha Stewart... but like I said before... She's my favorite convict! Her HOLIDAY magazine is full of so many wonderful handmade gifts! With that being said....My walnut balls are finally FINISHED!!!! I am in LOVE with them!!! They look so festive!!! I made these two for my Aunt and Uncle and I can't wait to finish mine!!! They have been half finished for some time now... I get side tracked REALLY EASILY!!! There are so many crafts I want to do!!! Last night I bit the bullet and wanted to finish them so I could give them to my Aunt and Uncle at Thanksgiving! I am so glad that they liked them! They were actually really really fun to make! I opted not to use real foliage... I think it was a good choice because I had to glue those puppies on!!! I think I picked out a pretty "realistic" foliage. (Foliage is such a weird word)



So ... Yeah me and hot glue are best friends... In my last post I wrote about all my dreams of headbands... Well by GOLLY I made myself a whole menagerie of the damned things! And I think I might LOVE them as well... I really like the headbands that I purchased. They are skinny patent leather... SO CUTE!!! A major bonus is they don't give me a headache like most headbands do. Having a huge melon can be tough!!! I also used my wool blend felt which seriously is a dream to work with.... Why the hell didn't I discover this before? I've went 23 years of my life using cheap ass felt!!!

I went searching on the internet looking for felt flower patterns... Pretty much they all sucked or were not what I was looking for... So I made my own designs!!! I will be listing them on My ETSY once I get better pictures... I just took these super quick so I can show you guys how cute they are! I am not sure if I like the 3 rosette ones better or just the big rose one... What do you think?

My creation

ARGH!!! The picture tile maker cropped the pictures so half the headband is cut off.... SUCKIE!!! OH well you get the point! If you want a bigger picture just click the pic and it will enlarge it!


OH BEFORE I FORGET!!! I am in a holiday house boutique !!! So if you live near Orange please come!! Its going to be fun!! All the the people that are going have super cool stuff!!! This is the flier for it!!

So I don't have to patience to list all the sellers... but if you want to check out all their awesome stuff go to Designs by Steppie!!! She has wonderfully added links to all the sellers!!! (and she is selling there too!!)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Feather Fascinator!!

So in my last post I wrote about my hair piece I made!!! It was really fun to make! I saw one I totally LOVED at Nordstrom for $55!!! Can you believe it? RIP OFF... and it was on a headband... Not what I was looking for. So I went to the craft stores in search for black feathers. They didn't have the ones I was really looking for but I bought them anyways... First attempts should always be made with cheap feathers!

I made one before this one and it ended up looking like a crow got flattened on my head... So I didn't photo it... I should have so you guys could have laughed at me! You know I love a good laugh!! It was hard to photograph the side of my head. For many reasons. One being that I have a HUGE ASS HEAD and two, I took the pictures with my I phone so it makes it extra hard.

The feathers I used were Peacock, Ostrich, and Goose feathers. My favorite are the Goose feathers, they are the ones that the skinny and stick up in the air. So fun!!! So I think I am a little obsessed... I have some natural peacock feathers from my Grandpa. He has peacocks at his house ( I know... don't ask) All I can say is they are the most annoying animals on the planet. Their "chirp" sounds like an old lady screaming " HHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLPPPP" It freaks you out at 2 am!

So what do you think? Totally too much? I think I love them! I plan on making a million more!!! They are rather costumey but that is what I love about them. I also went on Anthropologie and I plan on making all these (eventually):

This one is made out of velvet ribbon

This flower one is my FAVORITE!!! I am going to make it in tons of colors! I've actually had this idea in my head... and then look Anthropologie read my thoughts!! BITCHES!

This one I am thinking of making it embroidered instead of little metal studs

How dang cute are those? So... We will see what happens... I need to find perfect skinny black headbands... Where do I find them? I've been to drugstores, target etc and all they have are " multi packs" with different colors... LAME!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Should be sleeping...

I should already be sleeping.... its almost 1 am... but I am such a night owl... I have an interview tomorrow at 8!!! Yes Brook is attempting to join the human race....

mmmmmm yeah... I am about to kick my boyfriend really hard... I wish it was for a good reason but its not... Its because he SUCKS ASS at video games!!!! He just got Call Of Duty 5 and he's playing it on hard ( baby steps honey... baby steps....) So for the past 2 hours I have heard the game start and restart about every 2 minutes because he keeps on getting killed.... It is really annoying... and then he's cussing and yelling " I don't know what else I can do! There is absolutely nothing I can do!!!" (BITCH I do... play it on easy!!!!)

Other then that I made some feather hair facinators!!! They are so cute!! I'll post them soon!!! Mr.Positive (Juan) said " I've never seen anyone wear those in the real world..." WHATEVE!!!! (actually I haven't seen anyone wear them either other then TV... But not everyone wears bright red lipstick everyday like me either) SO yeah... POOP ON JUAN!! Especially since he wears stripes with plaid and gets mad when I wont leave the house with him!

I have a list of work in progress... Here is a peek... The project is from Martha Stewarts "Holiday" mag. My Uncle and Aunt own walnut groves/orchard/crop whatevver the heck its called... So when I saw these... I knew I had to make them!! I am making 2 for them! They are really beautiful!!! Well at least I think. Plus my Uncle is like Kris Kringle himself... he decorates his WHOLE house!! I am going to take picture this year and show you peeps... Its amazing...

SO here is the picture in the magazine:

and here are mine so far...


P.S. Have any of you guys got the new BUST magazine? The pillbox hat is calling out to me! I almost bought one today at the thrift store but it was brown with pheasant feathers.... Not really my style so I had to pass


IF YOU HAVENT SEEN WALLE GO AND RENT IT NOOOOOOWWW !!! Melts my heart.... He is such a love bug! I love when he rocks himself.... so sweet!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New things....

So I am really boring today.... But I need to post... Since last night I was drunk twittering... It was funny! I haven't been drunk in a long time... I got a text from Amy (P.S. Amy its been 6 days since you posted... I think your "blogger award" should be stripped from you!) and all she wrote to me was " Hung Over?" How the hell did she know? Well apparently... instead of calling people I was drunk twittering... :) Then I look at my AIM on my phone and at 2:42 AM I message my little cousin " KID I LOVE YOU!!! Why doesn't your phone work... go find it" HAHAHHAAHAH wow... So yeah... Good times!

So other then that I am making my birthday list because my birthday is DECEMBER 1ST!!!! I am going to be 23!!! I HAVE TO HAVE THESE.... How freaking cute? Measuring cups!

Other then that I am totally loving this song... Pretty honky bluegrass! Lovin it!

Also I love this French american Singer Madeleine Peyroux!!! I couldn't find her music video so here is the song with someones pictures added... I found her while I was on Pandora listening to " Ella Fitzgerald" radio. So beautiful...

I love this song even though I have NO CLUE what she is saying....

So anyways.... I have been working on my custom orders on My Etsy I have so many ideas for christmas but I know I wont finish 5% of them.... I thought I started so early.... guess not early enough!

hhhmmm.... Other then that.... Today was so AMAZING... It was the most beautiful day EVER it was 80 degrees! Juan and I walked down to the beach and then ate at Wahoos.... mmmmm.... Where the heck is Winter? Its not in Southern California that is for sure! SO yeah... Juan is leaving for Maryland next week to visit his familia ! I am going to decorate his apartment all Christmassy so when he gets home it will be a winter wonderland!!! I know.... I am such a wonderful girlfriend.... you don't have to tell me... :)

Juan just called me over and asked me to write his 4 page paper... There is a reason I went to beauty school... I missed my calling... I can write MEAN papers... I should charge!!! A friend I had in high school used to give me sssoo much shit for not being able to spell... Like literally made me feel like an idiot... but when it came to papers.... I rocked the house... I always got A's and she always got C's.... SO HA!!! computers can spell... it takes a brain to write a good paper! (especially if you never read the book!!!) but yeah... I am not writing the paper for Juan... I am a good girlfriend but not that good...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So I asked KittyKill to be my next person to interview!!! YAY!!! She is so great!!! If you guys are not familiar with Craftster She is the moderator on the Needlework board. She also has a blog Faster kittyKill and a NEW Etsy!!! I love her to death!! She is really sweet and really helped me through my first months of Embroidering.... She probably wanted to kill me with all the questions I asked.... but like a good Momma Moderator... She was patient and kind! Her embroidery knocks my socks off and I love her style!!! She was one of the few people who inspired me to start branching out and making things that reflect who I am and what I love. ( Also a big shout out to Solvy hahahahaha A heaven sent invention)

I sort of changed up her questions from Sewphies interview. Some of them are a little more RISKAY!!! But hey you are reading MY blog...You never know what I will write!

First Name?
Pam Pedersen-I love my name cause I sound like a weather girl or a real estate agent.

Where did the name Kittykill come from?:
It's my Russ Meyer superhero name. It was given to me by an old friend who said that I was straight out a Russ Meyer film and my name would be Kitty Kill.
( The funny part is... I didn't know Pams name for such a long time... I just called her "kittykill" it wasn't until someone posted her name in a comment did I put two and two together!! hahahahaha... sort of like when you find out in Elementary school that your teacher has a life and a first name... hahahahah!!! I've known her name for awhile now but I love the name KittyKill... It's so fun!!!)

Where do you live?:
Rainy country-Pacific Northwest. I moved here about 15 years ago and never left. I love it so much.

Your real job is:
I work for a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Crisis Line. I have worked in this field for over 6 years. I can't imagine doing anything else. I love it so much. I have heard or seen just about everything and trust me-people are fucked up but I still have hope. Nothing about the human race shocks me anymore.

How long have you been embroidering?:
Only a few years. Maybe 4 or 5. I started when I saw Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching and have been doing it every since. I found Craftster and found friends and a home.

What inspires your work?:
I love anything vintage up until 1960's (not a fan of hippie stuff at all). I think also trying to embroider images that has not been done before. My husband, my puppies, my friends and just my life style inspire me. I really am an old lady in a middle age woman's body.

If you had an alter ego what would her name be?
Hmm....Depends on the time of day. If I am feeling naughty and kick ass then definitely Kitty Kill. If I am feeling very "homemaker" than Betty or Ruby.

Other crafts you do?:
I make jewlery, do some resin. I want to try to quilt and start cooking (although cooking isn't a craft) I basically want to try every craft out there. (I really want to start quilting! I have half a finished quilt from 5 years ago.... its on my list of things to do... you know... THE LIST)

What project of yours is your favorite of all time?:
Oh wow! I would say any of my tote bags. Two of my favorites are my anatomical heart totebag and my bird and beads totebag. (Oh yeah I love the birds and beads tote!)

Mother Fucker is my favorite cuss word... What is yours?:
Fucker is always a good word but Cunt is my favorite. It just is so fitting. It just rolls off the tongue. Love it!

What are some of your favorite blogs or websites?
Cake Wrecks is definitely one of my favorites. That site always cheers me up. Feeling Stitchy is another good one. Of course Craftster! Cute Overload.

What is your favorite song?:
La vie en rose. I love Edith Piaf and French Cababeret music but La Vie en Rose is the most beautiful love song ever.

Favorite alcoholic beverage?:
Anything with rum in it. Rum....(Homer drool)

In High School what were you like?:
Punk rock goth chick. I got kicked out of the goths for having too much fun.

What are your other interest besides crafting?
I am currently learning French so I can be a French Caberet singer. I love anything vintage so I am on a constant hunt for vintage pottery. I am a movie nut-pretty much just old movies. Lately I have been on a Busby Berkley kick (Ha! Dancing! Kick-get it, well you would if you knew who Busby Berkley). I LOVE old time radio shows and I'm totally addicted to listening to them. When I'm not saving the world, I like to hang out with my hubby and friends. I love bird watching too, did I mention that?

Do you have any tattoos? If so what are they?
I have several. One on my chest that has my mother and father's name on it with crows. My mother passed away a few years ago so it is really for her. I have a huge arm piece that is a woman embroidering with a crow on her shoulder. It also has a needle and thread with OMP (my sweetie's nickname) and KLJ for my dogs. I have scissors below the woman and flowers around her. I have "Fear no man" in Japanese on the back of my neck, a black cat on my ankle and a Tiara from a Turkish princess on my wrist and Celtic cats on my other arm because my my family is Scottish. All of my tattoos have special meaning to me.

If you were to live in any decade what would it be? Hmmm, 1920's, 1940-1950. I love everything from those decades. (I agree!!!)

What is your favorite material to stitch on?:
Just plain old cotton fabric. A nice semi-thick fabric or muslin holds a stitch wonderfully.

Have you always been crafty?
I have-I just didn't know it. I made my own clothes, made presents for people, destroyed stuff in the name of "art"

What is your favorite stitch?
The "Pam" stitch. Which is whatever stitch I can come up with. I try to break all the rules and never actual pay attention to what I am doing. I just dive in and whatever comes happens, happens. I don't even know the name to a lot of stitches. Oh yeah. I'm a professional.

Is it hard being a moderator on Craftster and not losing your cool?
Dear God, you have no idea-LOL! It is very hard sometimes staying diplomatic and not losing it. The majority of the time people are wonderful and there is no problem but there is an occasional time when I want to just, "Seriously, really?". I love Craftster so much that the good definitely outweighs any bad.

What's one thing that might surprise me about you?

Oh Lord, where do I start? I just asked my co-workers and they said that I try to play the hardass but I am a big marshmallow. I think it might be that I love America's Funniest videos and I sent in a video of my dogs. I also love ghost stories and love to ghost hunt. Yeah, I'm a big dork.

If you could be on any reality show what would it be? Not really a reality show but America's Funniest Video. (hahaahahaha Bob Saget or POST Bob Saget?)

What makes you happy?
My husband, my dogs, my friends. Crafting. Knowing that I am making a difference in the world. The fall and winter in the Pacific Northwest-I love the rain and grey

So my mother once had a question in her Bible Study Homework... It was " What is one thing you WOULDN'T give up for Jesus?" Her answer of all things was " PEPSI" What is one thing that you are addicted to that you wouldn't give up? (not necessarily for Jesus, just in general)
I could never give up sushi. I could eat it 24/7 oh yeah, and gummies. I love sour gummies.

And saving my favorite for last:

Would you rather..... Never be able to craft again or... Eat a cup of shit?

I think I would rather not be able to craft again. Eating shit doesn't sound like much fun at all and kinda makes me gag. (COME ON!!! I would eat shit for sure!!! )

This is one of my favorite things she has made recently!! Available on her NEW Etsy!!!!

Well thats all folks!! Hope you liked it!!! Isn't all her stuff just divine ????

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Post Patchwork Show and The People I Met!

So today was The Patchwork show. It was tons of fun!!! I got to meet some of my Internet craft friends!!! I met The Craft Pig and her lovely dog who was quite afraid of me!!! I also met a few other people and it was funny because Mother Love was making fun of me saying I was a cyber nerd with all these Internet friends! HAHAHAHA!! OH WELL!!!

Something I was really shocked about the owner of Harveys Seat belt bags KNEW ME FROM CRAFTSTER! hahah how funny huh? I felt special for 5 minutes! Since I love her bags!! I have a few in my collection! Boy have they changed! Now they are all fancy with pockets for every little thing! They last FOREVER too... because they are made from REAL seat belts! I should have asked her for a job! hahahahaha!!! It seems like it would be super fun!

So other then that... I saw a few products I didn't expect!!! I blog I just recently started readingStelabird from Oklahoma. Her shit was there!! At first I walk by and I see Her felt birdie and all I could think was " NO WAY!!! SOMEONE TOTALLY JACKED HER!!!" Then I read the tag and it was hers! A lady with an online boutique had a booth and was selling crafts from many different artist! I am glad I didn't have to report her to the copy cat police!

SO the Moustache Ornaments were a hit!! They were so silly all on the tree! So funny! People literally were cracking up! It was a good show... "Mother Love" and I had a great time! If you can't tell!

This is for all our homies!

SO yeah.... we also had fun meeting some INTERESTING people... well maybe we just met a few and photographed a few without their knowledge!

The first is Liliani... The dog... This lady came to my booth and was singing my praises... what a sweet lady... but her dog was just toooooo much it was a Papillon Chihuahua mix... Mother love thought it was the cutest thing ever and she was like " Oh my gosh I just want to snuggle it!" So the lady passed her on over!! HAHAHAHA The lady was really sweet... So I thought I would photograph that fact that Sabrina asked to hold another persons dog... Since 10 minutes before she was tempted to ask a lady to hold her 4 week old baby!!!

Mother love and Liliani the dog!

The next guy had the WORLDS WORST COMB OVER!!! Like literally.... HORRIBLE! He gave ol' Donald Trump a run for his money!!!

The picture is not too great because I was pretending I was taking pictures of my cute little ornaments...

This guy was the highlight of the WHOLE SHOW!!! He really made my day... Do you see anything wrong with this picture?


So I wore brand new contacts today and literally I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me... But no... He has a tattooed mini PENIS ( AKA blue-veined junket pumper,boner,cock, dick, ding dong,dipstick,dong,dork, doughnut holderfirm, wormfree willy, goober ,hairy bagpipes ,hang down, hard on, John Thomas, joy stick, knob, love muscle, love stick, love truncheon, male organ, meat,
meat whistle, member, organic dildo, ol' one-eye, one-eyed trouser snake, pecker, pee-pee, pee stick, percy, peter, piece of pork, pink oboe, pole, pork sword,prick, purple-headed trouser snake, pussy plunger, rod, root, salty dog, schlong, skin flute
spunk stick, stiffy, throbber, throbbing python of love, tool, trouser trout, wanker, wee-wee, weiner, weinie, wife's best friend
willy, woody)
behind his ear.... WHAT THE FUCK!!!! He has a mini penie behind his ear!!!! WHY? Why would he do this? does anyone know? I am really traumatized !!!

So my favorite thing I got is this reusable shopping bag from Harveys... it was only $10 and I totally am in love with it! Its a plus size bag! I could sit in it if I wanted to! And the best part... it looks like one of those cheesey Chinese market bags... AND it has Seat belt handles!!! I am IN LOVE!!! Now all my embroidery stuff has a new HOME!!!

I am totally lovin' the new coat my lovely boyfriend bought me! Not really loving the fact that I look drunk... but those peach sangrias they were serving were DE-LISH!

Friday, November 07, 2008

So bored.... and bad news...

So yeah... I am freaking BORED OUT OF MY GOURD!!! I am feeling so lazy... I don't even want to craft ( I know, right?) Juan got a new 42" plasma TV but has no cable yet... So pretty much I have watched more Maury today then I have watched in my 22 years of life! I remember when I was in junior high I got really sick and was home from school for a week and I used to watch RICKI LAKE!!! GO RICKI.... GO RICKI ....GO RICKI !!! hahaha !!! Do you remember Ricki? I loved her in Hairspray and Cry baby!!! SUCH horrible acting... but... I love cheesey movies!! hahaha...

Anyways... Other then that. I am now officially done with all my craft show inventory... I just need to take pictures of all the onesies I made so I can have record of them! They are a little different then the ones I have made in the past. I love them all!!!


So Juan DID get recalled and has to report to base on May 18... BUT... Don't worry I didn't cry! I think the initial shock of it was when he got the letter in the mail... but now I have come to terms with it. Really there is nothing I can do about it. His job in the marines was infantry so... pretty much I am sure that he is going to the middle east... That is the only part that I am worried about... But I cant be crazy until I actually know! but I have come up with some "Positive" things about a deployment... here is my list

1) Hand Written letters... they mean so much to me
2) I can craft whenever I want without feeling guilty for ignoring my boyfriend
3) Make care packages and know he appreciates them
4) We appreciate each other more
5) I can justify my Asian stationary obsession...
6) Stamps...
7) Juan will have a lot of money once he gets back!! (hahaha shallow)

I am just glad he got stationed at Camp Pendelton which is only 20 minutes from my house rather then North Carolina! Besides Juan said he would buy me a dog!!! HAHAHAHAHA.... bribery still works on me... This is my dream dog a French Bulldog

But yeah... Right now I am trying to stay as positive as possible... I know I will not always stay like this.... But today is a happy day! Mostly because everything is still up in the air... I don't know for sure if he is getting deployed over seas or not.


In the PennySaver yesterday there was an ad for an English Bulldog puppy for $450 I was like " YES I NEED IT PLEASE JUAN LETS GET IT!!! Why is it so cheap?" and then he said " because its Deaf" then of course I was like " AAAAAAHHHHHH I love it even more now!!! I am so loud it will hear my voice vibrations!!" and Juan said " NO... we don't want a deaf dog!" (ummm... what? why? ) So I said " WHY? You are partially deaf and I still love you!" Geeze.. RUDE! My brother has hearing problems and so does Juan... I still love them! Should I try to sell them for $450 like chopped liver in the Pennysaver?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Patchwork Show

So I am doing another show this Sunday! YAY ME!! It seems like its going to be super cool! The people who are putting it together are really funky and their store totally rocks!!! It should be so exciting since I will be meeting a few of my " internet crafty friends" (hahah wow, don't I sound like a grade A .....LOSER!!!) but oh well... None of my friends craft... I need crafty friends... in the real world or in cyber space! I take what I can get! So yeah! If you live in Southern California come visit me!! I can't wait to see what everyone is making!! I always get super nervous about shows and then once my booth is all set up I am fine! So yeah... I have been crafting like a maniac... between the two swaps on Craftster and two christmas shows coming up... I am dying! I always feel like I never have enough stuff... but oh well... I made a dozen record bowls to sell that I am pretty excited about! They are so Funky and FUN!

this one I already listed LAST WEEK on my etsy for $8

Hope to see some of you at the show!!! I hope its not hot! UGH!